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    Nicole Byrum - Tuesday 27 April 2024

    Switching Gears - From Ski Slopes to Bike Trails

    As the crisp, snowy vistas of Durango make way for lush green trails, Ski Barn Durango is excited to shift from winter wonders to summer adventures with our Bike Lease Program. Perfect for enthusiasts of all levels looking to explore the newly opened trails around the area, our program offers flexibility, affordability, and most importantly, access to some of the best rides in the region. Let’s delve into the details of this program and discover the paths and possibilities that await.

    Ski Barn Durango's Bike Lease Program Overview

    Looking for an affordable way to enjoy year-round cycling adventures? Our Bike Lease Program is designed to provide you with high-quality equipment without the full cost of ownership. Here’s what makes our lease program a standout choice:

    • Affordable Upfront Cost: Pay just 60% of the bike's retail price at the beginning of the lease. This low upfront cost makes it easier for more people to get on top-tier bikes without the hefty investment.
    • Year-long Lease: The flexibility of having the bike for an entire year allows you to truly integrate cycling into your life. Experience all seasons on two wheels - from the blooming trails of spring to the golden hues of fall.
    • Upgrade Options: Fancy a bit more speed or better suspension? Within the first six months of your lease, you can upgrade to a higher-performance model to enhance your riding experience as your skills grow.
    • End-of-Lease Options: At the end of the 12-month lease, you have the flexibility to either pay the remainder of the bike's price and own it or return it. This choice ensures you have the best fit for your biking needs and financial situation.
    • Complimentary Maintenance Services: With free basic tunes and adjustments throughout the lease term, your bike will always be in peak condition, letting you focus on enjoying the ride.

    Exploring Durango's New Trails

    Durango's reputation as a biking paradise continues to grow with new trails opening each year. Here’s a glimpse at some you'll definitely want to explore:

    • Twin Buttes Trails: Added just this year, Twin Buttes offers a variety of routes ranging from beginner-friendly scenic loops to more challenging climbs with rewarding views of the Perins Peak Natural Area.
    • Hermosa Creek Trail: While not new, recent expansions and upkeep have greatly improved this classic Durango trail. It’s perfect for a long, fulfilling day ride, with sections that cater to all skill levels.
    • Animas City Mountain Trail: This trail has seen significant upgrades to increase accessibility and ride smoothness. It’s a fantastic choice for practicing your climbing and enjoying sweeping vistas of the Animas River and the surrounding mountains.
    • Dalla Mountain Park: Known for its vast network of intermediate trails, the new additions focus on sustainability and ride flow, ensuring thrilling descents and robust climbs.

    Why Choose the Bike Lease Program?

    Our Bike Lease Program isn’t just about getting you on a bike; it’s about creating memorable experiences without the hassle of ownership. Here’s why it’s perfect for families and individuals alike:

    • Cost-Effective: Reduce your financial burden with lower upfront costs and no long-term maintenance expenses.
    • Flexibility: Swap your bike as you like within the lease term or upgrade when you feel ready for more advanced equipment.
    • Quality and Maintenance: Access high-quality bikes kept in top shape with our comprehensive tune-up and adjustment services.
    • Explore More: The variety of accessible trails around Durango means every weekend can bring a new adventure, perfectly suited to your leased bike’s capabilities.

    Ready to Ride?

    Embrace the changing seasons with Ski Barn Durango's Bike Lease Program. Whether you’re cruising through new loops on Twin Buttes or tackling the expansive terrains of Hermosa Creek, our program is your ticket to year-round biking bliss. Join us as we pedal into the summer—your next adventure awaits on the trails of Durango!

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