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    Ski Pole Sizing

    Finding the right pole length for you an easy process. The fastest and most used method to figure out what size pole you'll need for skiing is the Right Angle Method.

    Using the Right Angle Rule: When determining the ideal length for your ski poles, a straightforward method is to apply the right angle rule. At Ski Barn Durango, we recommend grabbing a ski pole, turning it upside down, and holding it just beneath the basket. If the poles are the right size, your elbow should comfortably rest by your hip, and your arms will form an approximate 90-degree angle. This ensures that your ski poles provide optimal support and balance during your skiing adventures.

    Checking out the ski poles size chart we offer below is a useful way to find the perfect length that suits you best.

    ski pole sizing chart



    Sizing ski poles correctly is essential for optimizing your performance on the slopes. The ideal length of a ski pole depends on various factors, including your height, skiing style, and personal preference. To determine the right size, start by wearing your ski boots and standing upright. Hold the poles upside down, gripping them just beneath the basket (the plastic or metal disk near the bottom). Your elbows should form a 90-degree angle when your arms are at your sides. If the angle is greater, the poles may be too short, and if it's smaller, they may be too long. Adjust the pole length until you find a comfortable and natural position.

    Consider your skiing style when sizing ski poles. If you enjoy aggressive, downhill skiing, shorter poles may provide better control. On the other hand, if you prefer cross-country or backcountry skiing, longer poles can help with stability and propulsion. Freestyle skiers may opt for poles that are slightly shorter for maneuverability during tricks and jumps. Keep in mind that personal preference plays a role, so experimenting with different lengths on the slopes can help you find the perfect fit for your skiing style and comfort.

    It's worth noting that sizing can also be influenced by terrain and snow conditions. For example, powder skiing might benefit from slightly longer poles to assist with balance in deep snow, while shorter poles could be advantageous for quick turns on groomed runs. Ultimately, finding the right ski pole size is a combination of considering your height, skiing style, and experimenting to discover what feels most comfortable and effective for you on the slopes.

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